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Take a moment and use our Best Absinthe Review Guide to help you discover the perfect brand to either start you off or add to your collection. You can also download our Absinthe Review PDF.

After numerous tastings of literally 100's of absinthe brands, we narrowed the review list down to the 10 best of the best. We included the most important information in the rating guide to make your life a little easier. Click on the brand logo in table for complete review and where to purchase.

Banned in the United States for nearly a century, the “Green Fairy” is legal again. And in the tradition of the grandest Diva, she’s more popular than ever. Our guide will make rating the new absinthe brands easier to understand. Regardless if you're new to the miraculous world of Absinthe or a well seasoned Absintheur, Our sincere hope is that you'll always find something of value and interest here at Absinthe-Review.com. And remember, we not only have reviews but also a complete Glossary Of Absinthe Terms.


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Jade 1901

Jade VS 1898    

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Jade 1901 Absinthe Review


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Vieux Carre Absinthe Review
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Absinthe Suisse La Bleue Review
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Abisinthe Amer 72 Absinthe Review


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Jade Edouard Absinthe Review


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Wondering which absinthe to buy? Take a quick look at our absinthe reviews. For the complete reviews, see the Top 10 Best Absinthe page where we present the information you need to choose the absinthe brands that delight both your palate and your pocketbook. You'll find answers to all your questions regarding the newest Absinthe brands.

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Our goal is to teach you how to purchase a quality absinthe. We believe that a good absinthe is simply one that you will enjoy drinking. With your interest in mind, we put the most emphasis on Taste, Aroma and Value. As you will see, the most expensive absinthe is not always the best. If you like, you can go to our page Absinthe Review Criteria to see the complete criteria used by our absintheurs in compiling their recommendations. Or, you can jump to each review by choosing your brand below.

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La Grenouille 

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